Egret Soars | Sawagrass Lake St. Petersburg, FL
Architecture Monument | Downtown St. Petersburg, FL
Sunset Running | DTSP
Station House | St. Petersburg, FL
Gator Duotone | Sawgrass Lake, Tampa Bay
Photoshoot | North Beach At Fort DeSoto Park
Black and White Architectural Photography | One Progress Plaza / Priatek Plaza in Downtown St. Petersburg (DTSP), Florida
Silhouette and Cotton Candy Vibes | Demens Landing Park in St. Petersburg, FL
Black and White Terrace View of Red Mesa Cantina | Downtown St. Pete, FL
Brown Pelican Soaring above Tampa Bay | Flora Wylie Park, St. Petersburg, FL
Downtown St. Pete Architecture is So Edgy | DTSP, FL
Priatek Tower Stands Tall at Sunset | Downtown St. Pete
Foggy Tennis Court | North Shore Park, St. Petersburg, FL
Seagull Gliding | Tampa Bay, FL
Station House DTSP | St. Pete, FL
Pelican Horizon and a Golden Sunrise | North Shore Park, St. Petersburg, FL
Sharp Edges | Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida
Weedon Island Sunrise | St. Petersburg, FL
Mahaffey Theater Purple Vibes | St. Pete, FL
The Mason Staircase Mirrored | St. Petersburg, FL
Dali Museum Architecture | St. Petersburg, Florida
Priatek Plaza Symmetry | Downtown St. Pete, FL
Macro Photography of a Cat's Eye | Tampa Bay, FL
A Florida Gator Bathes in the Cosmos | Sawgrass Lake, St. Pete, FL
B&W Side Dali | St. Petersburg, FL
As a professional photographer in st. petersburg, florida, I strive to capture, document and photograph wildlife, landscapes, architectural achievements, still life, and special events. I'm also fond of macro photography, black and white photography, fine art photography, and digital image retouching.
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