Agile Web Development with Rails 7

Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas

Agile Web Development with Rails 7
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Rails 7 completely redefines what it means to produce fantastic user experiences and provides a way to achieve all the benefits of single-page applications - at a fraction of the complexity. Rails 7 integrates the Hotwire frameworks of Stimulus and Turbo directly as the new defaults, together with that hot newness of import maps. The result is a toolkit so powerful that it allows a single individual to create modern applications upon which they can build a competitive business. The way it used to be.

Favorite Quotes

  • When customers see how quickly a Rails project can respond to change, they start to trust that the team can deliver what's required, not just what's been requested. Confrontations are replaced by "What if?" sessions.

  • One of the joys of Rails is that this knitting process [MVC architecture] is based on the use of intelligent defaults so that you typically don't need to write any external configuration metadata to make it all work. This is an example of the Rails philosophy of favoring convention over configuration.

  • Rails handles all of the low-level housekeeping for you—all those messy details that take so long to handle by yourself—and lets you concentrate on your application's core functionality.