Eloquent JavaScript

Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript


JavaScript powers almost every modern web application, from social apps like Twitter to game frameworks like Phaser. While simple for beginners, JavaScript is a complex language capable of building full-scale applications. The much-anticipated, thoroughly revised third edition of "Eloquent JavaScript" delves deep into the language, teaching you to write beautiful, effective code. Updated to reflect the current state of JavaScript and web browsers, it includes new material on class notation, arrow functions, iterators, async functions, template strings, and block scope, along with new exercises to test your skills.

Haverbeke uses extensive examples and hands-on exercises to immerse you in coding from the start. You'll learn JavaScript's basic structure, control structures, functions, and data structures, as well as error handling, modularity, and asynchronous programming. Moving on to web browsers, you'll see how JavaScript programs them.