A dark and cool stairway leading down to darkness and up to light
A group of 7 gulls, flying in the air, with the sun beaming from behind. Monochrome.
A tree's dead branches are seen in the reflection of a mobile phone sitting on my right knee while I'm holding a coffee cup in my left hand using my left knee to perch it up.
A pair of adidas shoes matches the ground it stands on
A landscape image of a hill with an aerochrome filter, causing all the green to turn to red.
A tilted image of an intersection of four wall panels, running parallel to the sidewalk, and leading to a crosswalk sign.
A dog in a yard, sleeping peacefully on a partly cloudy day. Monochrome.
A dog in a yard encased by a white picket fence, stands guard in the ominous fox as the street is lit up the street lamp. Monochrome.
A monochromatic self-portrait - me looking out the window while my reflection on the window looks back at me.
A an old shed with green trim and a plant growing in the middle of it.
A tilted image of a building with strong vertical lines and symmetry. Monochrome.